D A V I D   M E Y E R images info
synthetic fabric and painted wood 

Masquerader, 36"x 38"x 2"


Freakshow, 35"x 37"x 2", plus blue fabric


Hoot, 26”x 26”x 1.5”


Crowbar, 43"x 43"x 2"


Bigfoot, 32”x 34”x 2”


Bad Dog, 43”x 43”x 2”


Pixies, 34"x 36"x 2"


Misnomers are an ongoing series of works created from a thin semitransparent fabric suspended off the wall that has been perforated with hundreds of holes of various sizes. Each hole corresponds to the tonality from a photographic image, which is optically distorted when combined with the shadows it produces